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We have been a trusted brand since 1896, you can trust us to move your home and your family

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Weathers is proud to offer our residential and commercial customers the quality, affordable storage opportunities in the Fayetteville and Jacksonville, NC areas.

One of the unique things about storing your belongings with Weathers is that you can choose between two storage options, or any level of service in between: 

The full service option allows you to sit back and relax while we professionally pack and pick-up your belongings, store them at one of our warehouses and then deliver them to your desired location on your timeline. 

The most limited service option provides you with some of the exercise that you may have been wanting to obtain – without a membership to a health club or gym. With this option, you can pack and load your household goods (hopefully with the assistance of some good friends) and then transport your belongings to one of our warehouses where we will place them in storage for you. At the time that you want delivery, you can either pickup your household goods at our warehouse or have us deliver them for you.

Our various storage facilities have full security and fire protection to ensure the safety of your belongings. At Weathers, all stored items are placed in vaults which are thoroughly inventoried for quick access and easy identification. We issue a nonnegotiable warehouse receipt for your goods.