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Local & Intrastate Moves (In-State)


Trust . . . New home . . . New community . . . New friends. With the stress and anxiety of moving, even a short move can seem far away. Weathers has been in the moving business since 1896 and with our family business structure, we treat every move as if it were our own family’s move. We’re the company you can trust with your treasured possessions every step of the way.

Our professional local and intrastate moving services are provided in and around the cities of Fayetteville and Jacksonville. Weathers Moving & Distribution holds NCUC Certificate number C-2282 (NCUC Company number T-4194). We also have a sister company, Weathers Bros. Moving & Storage Co., Inc., that holds NCUC Certificate number C-572 (NCUC Company number T-4114).

Local & Intrastate Moves refers to household goods that are transported within the state of North Carolina such that the origin, transportation and destination of the household goods exists and occurs entirely within the boundaries of North Carolina.

The Law 

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) regulates the transportation of household goods (HHG) within North Carolina, even moves made within a city or county. Any person or entity engaging in the local & intrastate transportation of HHG must have a Certificate of Exemption issued by the NCUC which must be clearly displayed in any advertising, on the Estimated Cost of Services form, and on the Bill of Lading. To determine whether or not a mover has a certificate, refer to the list of regulated transportation companies shown on the Commission’s website.

As part of the regulatory process, household goods movers (Movers) are required to abide by the provisions of the Maximum Rate Tariff (MRT) issued by the Commission. The MRT governs such moves within the state and provides: (1) the maximum rates which can be charged; (2) all rules and regulations pertaining to such moves; (3) all forms which must be used for the move; and (4) an informational booklet for the consumer, Moving in North Carolina, Your Rights and Responsibilities, which the Mover is required to provide to potential customers.

For more information about moving companies in North Carolina, look under the Transportation heading on the NCUC website at